THE DECLINE - auf Europatour


Mit ihrem neuen Album "Are You Gonna Eat That?" kommen THE DECLINE auf Europatour. Die Platte erscheint am 29. Juli via Pee Records - anbei gibt es die Termine der Punkrockband in der Uebersicht. Ausserdem stellen die Australier ihr Video zum Song "Showertime In The Slammer" vor.

Pat Decline zu den kommenden Dates:

We’ve always found Europe to be the most welcoming place to visit, ever since the first time we were contacted after our records were downloaded off a blog site. It blew our minds that people on another continent were listening to our stuff. Our first Europe tour in 2013 addicted me to the idea of touring and just going for it. I was aching to go back ever since and last year we had a sweet time playing punk rock holiday, Brakrock Ecofest and heaps of other rad shows. This year we get to do it again and I can’t wait. Bring it!”.