THE DEPARTED - Sänger geht


Joe von THE DEPARTED verlässt die Band. In seinem Statement erklärt er, dass er nicht mehr alles für die Band geben könne:

Hey guys, it is with massive regret that I have to announce I will be calling it a day with The Departed.

At this point in my life I no longer feel I can give 110% towards the band, with other commitments that I currently have. Being in this band has literally given me so much to be proud of and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it! Playing in so many different countries and seeing things I never thought I would ever see with 4 of the best lads I could ask to tour with. I feel proud that we released an amazing album and have done so much in the 18 months as a part of the band. There are so many people to thank that I don't know where to begin.

I will be doing one last show with The Departed, so hopefully see you all there!

Thank you


Wie es mit der Band weitergeht und ob schon ein neuer Sänger gefunden wurde, ist bisher nicht bekannt.

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von Welch Ironie 15.01.2014 16:59 dieser Überschrift

von istillbelieve87 15.01.2014 17:23

Ist mir vorher gar nicht so bewusst gewesen! :D