THE DESTINY PROGRAMM haben einen neuen Drummer und stellen ihn auf ihrer Homepage vor:

"We also have some news concerning our lineup. Finally we found a new drummer!! Awesome!! He is called Christian Bass and played in bands like Deadsoil, Night In Gales and helped out our friends in Heaven Shall Burn. It feels good to be a four-piece again. We also want to thank Nikolas Müller and Michael Bahr for helping us out during the past 3 years. You guys rock."

That's it. Take care everybody.

Alte Kommentare

von Heinzelmann 16.04.2009 10:27

bei dem namen sollte der eher bass in ner christlichen metalcore band zocken :D

von man... 16.04.2009 10:33

...guter Mann!

von mo 16.04.2009 10:55

zu geil heinzelmann :D