THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN haben erneut ihre komplette Tour, aufgrund eines gebrochenes Fußes von Gitarrist Ben Weinman, abgesagt. Hier das Statement der Band:

"We were filming two videos last week, and leave it to our resident Tornado Of Destruction In A Small Kosher Frame known as Ben Weinman to somehow break his foot while filming A FUCKING VIDEO. Of all the places and times Ben has been seriously hurt playing, he outdoes himself and manages to break his foot in A FUCKING VIDEO. He of course was ready to go out and kick ass with a cast on his foot, which we seriously considered for a second, but figured we'd wait til he could actually kick ass with both feet just in case he did further damage to his foot, which he certainly would have."

Das nächste Studioalbum "Ire Works" erscheint übrigens am 13.11.2007 via Relapse Records.