THE EARLY NOVEMBER wollen nach der aktuellen Tour eine Pause auf unbestimmte Zeit antreten. Die Band hierzu:

"In case any of you are wondering, this is not a result of anything one can consider negative. No fighting, no one hates each other, no one has a substance abuse problem... none of the typical baggage that is usually carried along with rock bands taking a hiatus. The situation is actually much the opposite. We all love and care for on another tremendously. We're as close of friends as we have ever been and, as long as the five of us exist, we will continue to be so. This "hiatus" or "break" is just a result of time and life. As we grow older, priorities change. We've decided we need to take some time and see that life isn't all dirty rock clubs, rest stops at 2 am, and long distance phone calls. We have to be where we haven't been in the past six years; with our friends, family, and loved ones."

Zuletzt veröffentlichte die Band das ambitionierte 3fach Album "The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path".

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von tame 14.03.2007 13:25

schade drum.