THE EARLY NOVEMBER holen mit "The Mother, The Mechanic, And The Path" gleich zum Dreifach-Schlag aus. Am 11. July 2006 erscheint die 3fach CD auf Drive-Thru. Das Album wurde von Chis Badami (The Starting Line, Midtown) produziert.

"The Mechanic disc highlights the groups heavier rock sound while The Mother leans towards the acoustic, mellower side. The Path is a soundtrack complete with dialogue and characters both of which intermingle amongst the first two CDs, thus tying the three discs together. The story arc involves a young man who clashes with his over bearing father. The teenage character leaves his family with the girl he loves, setting out to forge a new path, one that avoids the trappings that ensnared his conventional parents. Upon having his own child, he swears he wont make the same mistakes his father did. The cycle of life brings him full circle as his own son begins to rebel against him, and he finds himself slowly becoming like his father, a fate he tried so hard to escape."

Die vergangenen drei Releases von THE EARLY NOVEMBER haben sich zusammen mehr als 300.000 mal verkauft.

Track listing "The Mother, The Mechanic, and The Path"

The Mechanic
1. Money In His Hand
2. The Rest Of My Life
3. Decoration
4. No Good At Saying Sorry (One More Chance)
5. This Wasnt In Our Plan
6. The One That You Hated
7. Long Talks
8. Outside
9. Make A Decision
10. The Car In 20
11. Figure It Out

The Mother
1. My Lack Of Skill
2. A Little More Time
3. Little Black Heart
4. Hair
5. Driving South
6. Scared To Lose
7. From Here To LA
8. Is It My Fault
9. I Dont Know How To Say This
10. The Truth Is
11. 1000 Times A Day

The Path
1. Intro
2. We Grew Up The Same
3. Runaway
4. Session 01
5. This Is Love
6. Session 02
7. were finding something out
8. Session 03
9. Decoration
10. Session 04
11. Uncle
12. Session 05
13. Never Coming Back
14. Guess What
15. Session 06
16. You Dont Know What Its Like
17. Session 07
18. Look At Me
19. Session 08
20. Session 08 Part 2
21. Runaway 02
22. Session 09
23. I Think This Is Love
24. The End Of Feeling