THE FLATLINERS - Raritäten-Compilation


Mit "Division Of Spoils" erscheint am 7. August (das Doppelvinyl folgt einen Monat später) eine Sammlung von B-Seiten, Raritäten und Coversongs der kanadischen Punkrockband via Fat Wreck. In den zehn Jahren ihrer Karriere habe sich einiges "angestaut", wie Frontmann Chris Cresswell zur Platte erklärt. Auch vier bisher unveröffentlichte Songs sollen auf der Platte enthalten sein.

“Every time we get together to write another album, we kind of fly off the handle. For our last 3 we’ve ended up with so many extra songs that we now have another album’s worth.  Now some of you might be saying “I have all these songs on several 7”s, on every single colour ever released" and all that. Which rules. And also means you’re a big geek, just like us. Now, it sounds like we may have already fooled you once, but we’re not trying to fool you twice here, folks. As a perk for being our biggest fan with the grandest Flats vinyl collection on earth, we’ve included 3 unreleased tracks from the Dead Language sessions, and a song that was originally demoed for The Great Awake, but was never properly re-recorded. Sweet redemption!

Division of Spoils is less a snapshot and more a time-lapse of our “career” to date. And I use that word loosely. Figuring out what songs should make a record and what songs shouldn’t has always been the most difficult part of the process, but to have this collection of songs today is something we’re extremely proud of. We hope you dig the potentially weirder vibes of Division of Spoils”

Unten gibt es bereits das Artwork zur Platte - THE FLATLINERS befinden sich derzeit auf der "Fat Wreck 25 Years Anniversary" Tour durch die Staaten.


Tracklisting "Division Of Spoils":


1:  Lifers *    
2:  Broken Men *    
3:  This Guy Reads From a Card    
4:  Cut Your Teeth    
5:  This Song Is Like Thunder and Lightning in a Wide Open Field    
6:  Calutron Girls    
7:  Wynford Bridge    
8:  Sleep is for Bitches (Demo) *    
9:  407    
10:  Daggers    
11:  Christ Punchers    
12:  Sticky Bastards    
13:  Run Like Hell    
14:  Open Hearts and Bloody Grins    
15:  Hot Trouble *    
16:  Fangs    
17:  Fireball    
18:  Ahead By a Century    
19:  Cry Cry Cry    
20:  Southwards    
21:  Straight American Slave    
22:  Get Out of My Face    
23:  Spill Your Guts

 *Previously Unreleased