THE FULLY DOWN ohne Sänger


Die kanadische Fearless Records Band THE FULLY DOWN haben sogar den Ausstieg ihres Sängers Gab Bouchard zu verkünden. Der Sänger hierzu:

“The fact that the show was awesome only made it harder for me to say what I said on stage last night and am now repeating in this bulletin. Alas, yesterday night's show was my last one with The Fully Down. I will be moving on for personal reasons, and in doing so will not be in the band anymore. It breaks my heart and it was undoubtfully the hardest decision I have had to make up to now in my entire life.

Often times you can do what you want, but sometimes you have to do what you need to do, and I'm very glad that there is no bad blood between the guys and I. They gave me their support and told me that indeed, it would suck to lose me, but at least I gave them my honest thoughts about what was going on. And for that I respect them all (as I have always done) and give them so much love for their future ventures, wherever that may take them. “

Die Band sucht derzeit nach einem geeigneten Ersatz. Interessenten dürfen eine Mail an senden.