THE GET UP KIDS Reunion Show


THE GET UP KIDS haben Pläne bekanntgegeben eine Reunion Show in ihrer Heimat Kansas City zu spielen. Matt Pryor erklärt:

"Next year is the 10th anniversary of our second record, 'Something to Write Home About,' which was our most popular record. We talked to Vagrant about doing a 10-year anniversary edition with a DVD and a photo book and all that stuff. Then we thought, 'Hey, we should play some shows.' This summer we got everybody on-board. Then we basically told a bunch of people about it and then denied it, just to be contrary.

We weren't going to do it until next year, but we decided it'd be funny if we just showed up and played a show. We thought about doing it Thanksgiving, like, 'Hey, we all happen to be home for Thanksgiving ...,' but that didn't work out."

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von Raphael 14.11.2008 09:37


von tobi 14.11.2008 19:13

sehr gut! und dann ab nach deutschland, aber zackig!