THE HAUNTED Frontmann Peter Dolving hat folgendes Update veröffentlicht

"I mean what is there to say right now? It's early july, the twins are out with At The Gates kickin ass, I honestly haven't got a clue what the Jensens are up to, but it most likely involves chillin out and not trying to do much at all. Personally I've been a busy bee, finishing the record cover, special edition and vinyl cover and scheming for a really twisted video for the first track together with my good old time friend Pelle Evensen. In the daytime I've tried my best being a dad and it feels like I'm succeeding pretty fucking grand. Oh, and getting divorced. Oh, yes - we are still friends but it is painful stuff going through all the thoughts and emotions and now finally having signed the papers and getting the appropriate help in working out who gets what etc. but we are getting through it slowly and carefully.

We got some mad shows coming up in the fall. And a few good tours, at the moment we are not looking at coming over to the US until after the new year, but this is the most perverted industry next to guns and oil, so anything can still happen. Hopefully we'll see as many of you as possible at Wacken or any of the shows that we've made official so far.

The record will be released in september, but you allready knew that right? I can't say a hell of a lot more at the moment because it's all record company preparing their stuff for the best way to present what's coming. We played it to our friends from Machine Head and Soilwork in Madrid a couple of weeks back and their response was pretty much 'FUCK!' then they went out and put on immense shows.

Oh! - Anders pretty much finished a movie about, well - us, kinda, mostly it's about living in transit and being five dudes in a cult metal band. Don't really know if it's going to be released or not but I've seen it and it makes it pretty clear that The Haunted are a pretty weird group of people. I like it.

So that's what's cooking right now. For anyone who was at the 'Peace and Love' - festival in Borlänge you know we're ripped and ready to go, just gotta wait a little and take it easy."