THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER - gehören zu Let It Burn Records


Let It Burn Records erläutern das Signing folgendermaßen:

As the year 2010 is slowly coming to an end we have yet another great announcement to make: Let it Burn Records has signed the youngest and by far one of the most promising bands in its 10 year history: THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER.

Coming from Karlsruhe, Germany The Haverbrook Disaster has been an “insider tip” among hardcore kids for months now. With their amazing mixture of melodic hardcore and heavy (!) mosh they’re at the very cutting edge of how hardcore music should sound like in 2011. We are very much looking forward to working with an ambitious but at the same time “down-to-earth”-like band.

The band about their signing: “We’re so excited and proud to announce that we have signed to Let It Burn Records! Hands down, Chris is not just a good ‘labelboss’, but as well a very good friend, so we couldn’t feel more comfortable. We will hit the studio on the 25th of December to record our very first full-length and we can’t wait to release this via Let It Burn Records, one of the hardest working Hardcore labels in Europe.”

We have already heard the band’s preproduction plus we got an insight view on their plans on artwork, mixing and mastering. To cut this short: This album is going to be one of the best debuts every released by a European Hardcore Band.

Alte Kommentare

von senip 17.12.2010 21:07

hahahahaha gay hoch 10 die jungs!

von Apfelkuchen 17.12.2010 23:06

Ich hoffe sehr, dass LIB damit etwas Geld verdient... Dann würde ich das Signing verstehen. Musikalische Eigenständigkeit und zumindest ein Funke Originalität ist bei der Band kaum erkennbar.

von brotz 18.12.2010 18:19

Gänzlich verdient nach 5 Jahren harter Arbeit. Ich bin stolz auf die Jungs und lache über paradoxe Hatercomments. Die Presseerklärung sagt doch schon alles.

von p. 18.12.2010 22:20

sorry nix gegen die band und so aber die "presseerklärung" ist so ziemlich das traurigste was ich je gelesen habe. "This album is going to be one of the best debuts every released by a European Hardcore Band." man kanns echt übertreiben..

von bleiben 19.12.2010 14:40

wir bei äusserlichkeiten: man sind die hässlich