THE HURT PROCESS canceln alle Shows, möglicher Break-Up


THE HURT PROCESS haben via Myspace verkündet, dass sämtliche Touraktivitäten gestrichen sind und es in Frage steht, ob sie jemals wieder Live spielen werden. Frontmann Ivan Ferreira äußerte sich wiefolgt:

"We have cancelled all shows and tours for now. The future of this band is uncertain. I am probably the last guy in the band who should tell you this but seeing as I've been dealing with most of the things on here why not. We have worked our butts off for the last 8 months, shit man I am still struggling with a back injury gained on the Silent Drive tour in April. It was a great time and as cheesy as it may sound I will most certainly cherish every moment of it. For an South African kid it was a pretty fucking big deal.

I am afraid The Hurt process now reached the creepy old crossroads, I am not sure what's going to happen or if you guys will see this band live ever again...but for now I am afraid it's curtains close."