THE PLAYING FAVORITES, das Nebenprojekt von SUGARCULT Gitarrist Marko DeSantis veröffentlichen Freitag ihr neues Album "I Remember When I Was Pretty" in den USA via Suburban Home Records.

Marko hierzu:
Dearest Sugarcult-aholics,
Marko here with some red hot news to warm your cold, cold hearts: In the spaces between Sugarcult's adventures, me and some of my best friends have been working on a new project and it's finally ready to roll: we're called The Playing Favorites.

It's me, Luke of The Penfifteen Club, Joey from Lagwagon/Bad Astronaut, Tim Cullen ex-Summercamp, and Mick from The Lapdancers. We all trade off singing lead vocals; I'm actually kinda nervous because I'm singing for the first time ever and the other guys are all singers in their own bands (don't worry, I won't quit my day job!)

Our debut record, "I Remember When I Was Pretty" comes out December 4 on Suburban Home Records. I'm really excited about this and feel very lucky to be a part of such a talented group of players. Please check it out and if you dig it tell Santa to bring you and your loved ones a copy!

Checkt die Band bei MySpace.