THE RED CHORD über Videodreh zu \"Dread Prevailed\"


THE RED CHORD haben kürzlich ein Video zum Song "Dread Prevailed" gemeinsam mit David Brodsky (GWAR, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD) abgedreht. Das Video wird nächste Woche veröffentlicht.

Brodskyhierzu: "Working with THE RED CHORD is always an amazingly interesting experience. Allie and I went up to Massachusetts to capture the band's home base vibe, and what we came away with is sure to not disappoint. Every time I hear their new album, 'Prey For Eyes', I hear something I hadn't heard the last time. Their creativity knows absolutely no bounds, and lets us experiment and play around with our own creative instincts."

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von MUnkvayne 02.08.2007 14:14

mit 3,800 vertickten platten auf #198 in den USA diese woche! nur mal so am rande!;)