THE STARTING LINE - Album Endspurt


THE STARTING LINE befinden sich in den letzten Zügen zu ihrem neuen Album. Hier ihr Update:

"hat's Up Everybody.......Mike here
I know it's been forever since I have made an entry, actually.....I don't think I have ever made an entry......but here it goes.
We JUST finished up our photo shoot for the album and press (you may have seen us lurking in brooklyn) and are finishing up all of our album art; believe me, there were a lot of choices. The album is basically complete but we are adding finishing touches and making sure that the final product is everything that we and our fans hoped it would be. We're getting ourselves and our set ready for Bamboozle this weekend and for the long haul this summer on Warped Tour. I can definitely say that I am excited to get out there and play some new stuff as well as everyone's favorites too
Much Love, hope to see you all at the show. Gotta go mow the lawn!
P.S. We are in the process of planning our Fall Tour as well..........we can't say what we'll be doing yet but we will definitely be on tour with someone you know."