Hier ein THE STARTING LINE Update von Kenny:

"Hello World! Greetings from the basement we've been roasting in for the past two months, but don't for a second think that this time we've spent off has gone to waste. We've all been working diligently on new joints and hot jams...and oh yes..there are demos. Today and tomorrow I will be putting finishing touches on what will be twelve songs recorded. Keep your eyes peeled on our myspace and/or purevolume page for some of these tracks for your listening enjoyment (and if you grow impatient from a lack of updates be sure and flood our manager Randy's email with demands for more!) We plan on writing somewhere around ten more songs in order to go in to studio with an arsenal of material in order to deliver the best possible album that we are capable of. I hope you are getting excited because we all are, the new material we hope will have something for everyone. We are attempting to bring a more positive and optimistic point of view than BOATS had. So for everyone who is tired of crying and screaming this is the record for you. Take care of yourself and others, we'll be in touch.
Peace and Love,
Kenny and The Starting Line"