THRICE - Album Update


THRICE haben folgendes Update zu ihrem kommenden Album online gestellt:

"As a lot of you may know, for the past month or so, weve been writing and recording our next album. We didnt want to say anything official until wed finalized a lot of the details, but now that were getting rolling on it, we want you guys to be the first to know what the plans are for this album.

We have started writing and recording a 4 disc concept record, with each disc being themed sonically and thematically to correspond with the four natural elements - earth, air, water and fire. The final record will have somewhere between 20 and 25 songs, divided between the 4 discs.

We are approaching the whole project in a new way for us, both writing and recording. Writing with these elements in mind, we are letting them shape the direction of the songs sonically and thematically. And for the first time, were recording the record ourselves as we write it, freeing us up to change things as we go.

We are very excited about the project and are looking forward to sharing more details as the record takes shape. Were also in the process of setting up a site dedicated to keeping you up to date on our progress, so keep a look out for that in the near future.

For our friends on the west coast, we have two events to talk about. The first is the Race for the Cure later this month. Well be doing the race this year along with our friends Chuck Ragan and The Cold War Kids. Dustin, Chuck, and the Cold War Kids will be doing a special acoustic show after exclusively for those who attend the Race with us. All of the sign up details are posted below as well as on our MySpace page.

Also, we wil be heading out on a few dates in October, with two awesome bands - These Arms are Snakes and Planes Mistaken for Stars. Were putting together a brand new setlist, digging up some old songs we havent played in a while, songs weve never played live before, and a couple of the new songs were working on.

Stay tuned for more details about the elements, videos, and pictures. Well get to all of that as the album progresses. We look forward to seeing you all soon."