THRICE - Update


Riley Breckenridge. der Schlagzeuger von THRICE, hat folgendes Update bezüglich der Bandsituation und dem neuen Album geschrieben:

"Nothing concrete on the label front at the moment, but we’re close. We should have something to announce within the next couple weeks. The record is mastered. The masters are in our possession. We are very happy with them, and they haven’t leaked yet... The artwork is in motion. Dave Eggers and his crew will be handling it. We’re very happy about that. Video footage (that will be available soon) is being edited as I type this. Honestly.

Teppei has some exciting news to announce, but I’ll let him handle that when he gets around to it. The other dudes are doing what they do (i’ll let them check in and fill you in), and enjoying a little break before we hit the road in the fall. I’m doing some writing (text/blog/print and various music stuff), playing (yeah, playing) and watching baseball, being a hermit, and loving it. I went a visited my friends in DEP in the studio a couple of weeks ago, and was blown away. It’s no surprise, but um…they’re working on a masterpiece. Gil is a beast. The new stuff sounds incredible. The Angels are so bi-polar (but in first place) that it’s driving me nuts. And, I think that’s about it from these parts. We’re just enjoying a break and looking forward to getting music to you ASAP. We’ll let you know once we’ve got the label situation (and hopefully a release date) sorted out.

Be Well. Riley"

Alte Kommentare

von a46 22.07.2007 00:37

kanns kaum erwarten endlich das neue material zu hören.. :)

von tux86 22.07.2007 22:44

Ich hoffe, dass die Musik immernoch so geil ist wie bisher. Geht gerade ein wenig fix mit dem neuen Album. Kann mensch echt nur hoffen, dass die Quali nicht drunter leidet... wäre schade. THRICE ist einfach genialst!