THRICE planen doppletes Doppel-Album


THRICE Frontmann Dustin Kensrue äußert sich zu dem ambitionierten Unterfangen wiefolgt:

"There's going to be four discs, and they will each be themed differently," [...] "It will be a large body of music — maybe around 25 songs or so. I've never been a fan of double albums; I'm a fan of shorter records. This will kind of be just multiple, shorter records, and each one will be self-sufficient.

But also, they all tie into each other. We have a lot of bass material written for it, and we're kind of at this point where we have the core parts of the songs written, and we've been getting together and trying to flesh those out."

Kensrues Soloalbum wird im Oktober auf einem "big indie label" veröffentlicht.