THURSDAY - Split mit Envy


Nach dem THURSDAY erst gestern bekannt gaben, dass sie eine Split mit der japanischen Screamo-Band Envy machen wolleb, haben sie heute folgendes Statement dazu veröffentlicht:

"It's our pleasure to announce a split release with one of our favorite bands in the world. We are currently in the studio recording tracks for a 12" release with Japan's Envy. For those of you unfamiliar with Envy, they are an experimental, epic, lush post-rock band that's heavier than just about anything we've ever heard. Despite the enormous geographical distances between us, the bands have evolved from the same thrashy underground post-hardcore scene (They've toured the states and shared stages with our friends in Malady and Hot Cross). Honestly, there's no way to properly describe them."

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von sane 04.04.2008 06:05

envy = gods