TIEFIGHTER - Autounfall


Auf der Fahrt von Deutschland nach Eindhoven wurde die Hardcoreband aus Kalifornien Opfer eines Autounfalls. Die Tour wird aber trotzdem fortgesetzt und man sollte sich die Jungs nicht entgehen lassen

Noch ausstehende Konzerte:

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Lest zum Unfall das Statement von Sänger/Guitarist Eddie :

Hey everyone,

We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to seeing us in The Netherlands tonight, but we will not be able to make the show.

Early this morning, we were involved in a bad auto accident on the way to our show in Eindhoven. I dont even know where exactly we were at, but we were on the Autobahn (highway) to Eindhoven in Germany, and were behind a truck. Another car was stopped in the shoulder lane, and suddenly pulled out in front of the truck.

We were all going about 70km an hour (roughly 50mph in US terms) and didnt have enough time to come to a full stop when we hit the brakes. Our driver Bo tried to veer to the right to avoid a head on collision, but we hit the truck at almost full speed. Jesse, Rob, and Shane were sleeping on a bunk in the back of the van, and me (Eddie) and Mike were knocked out on the chairs directly behind the drivers seats.

Jesse flew directly at the windshield, breaking it in the process. Rob flew straight forward, hitting his head and opening a gash, which he had to go to the hospital and get stitches for. As for me, Mike, Shane, Marc (tour manager), and Bo, we are all kinda banged up but EVERYONE IS ALRIGHT.

As for our van, its totaled and undrivable. It was towed to the nearest town and we took a taxi to the auto shop so we could get our gear and the rest of our luggage. We rented 2 cars to cram everything in and drove back to Paderborn, Germany which was another 5 hours away.

So while we regret to inform you guys that we have to cancel tonight's show in Eindhoven, we want to let you guys know that WE ARE ALL ALRIGHT and WE WILL BE FINISHING THE REST OF OUR TOUR.

We have 4 days left and we didnt fly 6,000 miles just to go home early. We're not accepting Paypal donations either, so don't ask (thank you for your kindness, though). If youd like to help us out, its simple: come to a show, buy a shirt/hoodie, and support us like you've been doing for the past 2 years. Singing along is good too, and so are pumpkin pies.

We'll be home in 3 days.

Thanks for your support!!!
Eddie & Tiefighter