TINY MOVING PARTS - Video zu "Headache"


Das neue TINY MOVING PARTS-Album "Celebrate" erscheint am 20. Mai 2016 auf Big Scary Monsters / Alive in Deutschland. Vorab stellt die Emoband einen Videoclip zum Song "Headache" vor, der unten zu sehen ist.

Dylan Mattheisen von TINY MOVING PARTS zum Clip:

"We started shooting the video by going skydiving. We were absolutely terrified, but once we got suited up and inside the plane, it was all laughs and good vibes! Then we had to eat a scorpion pepper and jump into the freezing ocean naked afterwards - that was intense. Overall, we had such a blast doing fun things with director Kyle Thrash and the crew all day, and couldn't be happier with how everything turned out."


Headache von Tiny Moving Parts auf tape.tv.