TODAY WE RISE - Neue MCD im Januar


TODAY WE RISE haben ihre neue EP fast fertig. Geplant ist ein Januar Release. Anbei die Pressemitteilung der Band:

"TODAY WE RISE are proud to announce that the recording of their upcoming MCD is almost 100%complete. Vocals will be finished by the end of november and mixing/mastering should be done by the end of january 2008. The release is set for early 2008.

Along with the CD´s release, TWR will play as many shows as possible to promote the record. The band also plans to launch a new website, along with all new merchandise and stuff, so keep an eye on that!

Late december 07 / early january 08 will also see the bands very first tour, playing alongside bands like "to Kill" and "Black Friday 29". The tour will take TWR all over Germany and the Netherlands. Hope to see you there!"