TONY SLY - "Story/Song"-Release im Mai


Via Paper & Plastick erscheint Ende Mai mit einem Beitrag des NO USE FOR A NAME-Kopfes ein neuartiges Releasekonzept namens "Story/Song".

Im Info des Labels heißt es zum geplanten Zusammenspiel aus Song und 12-seitiger Comicbegleitung:

"The 12-page story will be based on the song at hand, and each story will be self-contained, although there may be recurring characters at times. The graphic novels will be available for download along with the new, exclusive versions of the songs in the Paper + Plastick webstore."

Künstler Matt Anderson, der sich dem Script annehmen wird, meint dazu:

“In this case, you have the songs that complement the story. We already have the soundtrack in the song, and are now trying to create a story that complements it. The stories will not be a literal adaptation of the song’s lyrics but will use the lyrics as a foundation to build something entirely new."