TOO CLOSE TO TOUCH - erste neue Single im Stream


TOO CLOSE TO TOUCH aus den USA werden ihr zweites Album "Haven't Been Myself" am 23. September 2016 via Epitaph Records veroeffentlichen. Vorab stellt die Alternativerockband mit "What I Wish I Could Forget" die erste Single daraus im Stream vor. Sänger Keaton Pierce zum Album:

"I was in a really dark place and wanted to make [the album] as cathartic as possible. This album was a pretty tough one to write, but we all gave it everything we have and didn’t hold back. I wouldn’t have it any other way."

"Haven't Been Myself":
1. Sympathy
2. Crooked Smile
3. What I Wish I Could Forget
4. Translate
5. Miss Your Face
6. The Art of Eye Contact
7. Modern Love Affair
8. Inside Voices
9. What a Shame
10. For Your Sake
11. Eiley