TO THE WIND - Albumstream


TO THE WIND aus Seattle stellen ihr am Freitag via Pure Noise erscheinendes Album "The Brighter View" komplett im Stream vor. Anbei sind die Songs der Hardcoreband zu finden. Die Band:

"Much like our prior releases, we don't really filter anything in this record. I try to be 100% genuine in my lyrics regardless of the topic, and that hasn't changed. Don't let the album title deceive you. We're not putting this out to say that our views on life have gotten "brighter", or that this is our most positive record. It's just about TRYING to find a positive light in life even when it can seem impossible sometimes. I feel like we took a similar route as our previous records while writing this album, but we are all a little bit older now. I think our writing has naturally matured the longer this band has been around. With each release we try to progress and try new things. But, we always try to keep our core sound and be real to those listening. I think this is our most complete album instrumentally, vocally, and lyrically."