TRAIL OF DEAD - Offizielles Statement zu Labelsplit veröffentlicht


Nach dem TRAIL OF DEAD erst kürzlich ihrer Major-Labelheimat Interscope den Rücken zugewendet haben, haben sie in einem Statement, dass recht schnell von der offiziellen Homepage der Band wieder verschwunden ist, einige Nettigkeiten über ihr altes Label veröffentlicht:

"Ever since label head Jimmy Iovine started dating the lead singer guy of the Pussycat Dolls it became impossible to get him on the phone, so that was a first bad sign. Then their idea of marketing became keeping it a secret that we'd released a record. The industry is in a strange place these days, and the only way they can make money is to sell urban pop music. Which is what I thought we were writing, but apparently I was wrong. At the expense of a massive debt to them of half a million dollars, they really helped us to grow. They've taught us about the worthlessness of A&R people, how to yell at idiots running an art department, and how to shake hands with smiling retailers who have no idea who you are. Hopefully the other bands [on the label] will follow our lead. I mean, Interscope has already killed TV on the Radio and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. There aren't many bands on the roster left to ruin."