TRAP THEM bald im Studio


Am kommenden Montag werden sich TRAP THEM ins Studio bemühen, um mit Kurt Ballou ihr drittes Album (und Prosthetic Records Debüt) aufzunehmen. Lest selber:

"This will be their first full-length to feature drummer Chris Maggio, formerly of Coliseum. The band has also launched a new blog where they will be documenting the recording process and, ultimately, the touring cycle around this as-yet-untitled album. Expect new entries, photos and videos regularly at

Vocalist Ryan McKenny commented: "Next week, and for the rest of September, we get knee deep in the shit. This record has been a long time coming. It's the first, what we consider, proper LP as a full, solid band. Brian and Chris have been hard at work sweating bullets down in Louisville, loading them up in a death-punk black talon and preparing to fire at will.

"This will be our fifth visit to Godcity with Kurt Ballou, who was, naturally, the most obvious choice. We've always had a great relationship with him, and there is a certain chemistry between our music and his talent as a producer that puts each session at ease.

"To sum it up, there was a certain potential the members of this band felt had not yet been met. On this record, that potential has been fully realized. Get heavy, motherfuckers."

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von DrKolossos 03.09.2010 10:53

Geile Band...diw würde ich gerne mit Nails und Rise and Fall auf Tour sehen! Aber man kann ja nicht alles haben. Aber auf jeden Fall Daumen hoch!

von XYZ. 08.09.2010 18:17

endlich mal wieder gute nachrichten.