TRAVOLTAS - aufgelöst


Die niederländischen Punkrocker TRAVOLTAS haben sich aufgelöst. Folgendes Statement kann man auf deren MySpace Seite lesen:

"After 16 years, 7 albums, numerous singles, compilations and videos, we have decided to call it a day. We feel that at this point in our lives we would like to focus on other activities, and we feel that we can't give the band the attention and motivation it deserves any longer.

The 16 years of The Travoltas were quite an adventure. The tours have taken us to the outskirts of Europe, the US and Japan, leaving us with great memories of a fantastic period in our lives. We are proud of what we have achieved and grateful for what the music has brought us. We started this trip in my parents garage, squeezing out our first songs, hoping that we would make it to the stage one day."