TRIVIUM – Update von Heafy


TRIVIUM Frontmann Matthew Heafy hat folgendes Update rausgegeben:

"MKH here checking in while on break here in Holland as our three-week press tour across mainland Europe and the U.K. comes to a close, we have been working promoting our latest release 'The Crusade' which comes out worldwide October 10th.

Corey [Beaulieu, guitar] and I have been out since right after we finsihed up the Sounds Of The Underground, Paolo [Gregoletto, bass] and Travis [Smith, drums] were with us last week for all the U.K. press and the Kerrang! Awards show.

'The Crusade' promo tour has been going very very well, thanks to Roadrunner Records. We have had the chance to meet and speak with many journalists in the rock and metal press based outside the United States.

We did a lot of U.S. press on the Sounds Of The Underground tour (which was great fun, by the way) and have much more schduled when we head out on our first ever North American headlining tour begining September 30th.

As I said, the press/promo tour for 'The Crusade' has been going damn well, so as our interviews start to make its way into magazines, webzines, TV and radio, be sure to check them out we tried to answer all of the basic and not so basic questions/curiosities our fans may have. Hopefully all of your questions will have been addressed. We can't guarantee that we will always be quoted correctly or in what context our words will be reported, but it should be good.

We want to thank Paul and everyone at Kerrang! magazine for the invite to this year's Kerrang! Awards show held in London last week. It was a great night and lots of fun.

TRIVIUM, along with every band that was featured on Kerrang!'s tribute CD celebrating the 20th anniversary of METALLICA's 'Master Of Puppets' release were presented with a gold disc for the effort and our 'Ascendancy' release went gold in the U.K.... Fuck, yessss!!! Unexpected surprises and we appreciate it very much. We also had the chance to see Angus Young and Meat Loaf at the show, that was rockin'. There were fire spitting little people, people shoving hooks into themsleves, hanging from hooks, a friggon freak show... literally.

One of the greatest things, as always, for us and this press tour was no exception, is we got a chance to see and catch up with some of our greatest fans and supporters from all over the world, we were able to spend time at listing parties with you all and listen to 'The Crusade' and have some fun.

Thank you all SO MUCH for coming out; we had a blast.

Speaking of listening parties, we were invited by Mr. Smallwood along with a few others to check out IRON MAIDEN's latest masterpiece, titled 'A Matter of Life and Death', which streets September 5th here in the U.S. and is out now in Europe, the record completly rocks in every way. IRON MAIDEN continues to inspire and motivate TRIVIUM and millions of other bands and people around the world.

Thanks for allowing us to be a part of that; it is fucking awesome. We are REALLY looking forward to supporting MAIDEN this coming November and December.

OK, well, to recap, the Euro/U.K. press promo tour for 'The Crusade' is over and we will finally take a few weeks off, then we will do two weeks of rehershals for our first-ever North American headlining tour in October (VERY VERY excited), our newest release 'The Crusade' will hit shops world wide October 10th (some places sooner) then we will hook up with IRON MAIDEN in November and December for sold-out massive arena shows (IRON MAIDEN have sold over 325,000 tickets for this tour; yeah, I said over 325,000 tickets SOLD) — HOLY FUCKING SHIT, not too many bands in the world can pull that off. AMAZING. That will take us through the end of 2006. We have some cool things planned and in the works for 2007 but will communicate all that later this year."