TROUBLE - Klassisches Doom Metal Album


TROUBLE werden ihr neues Album "The Dark Riff" einen klassischen Doom metal tough geben. Dazu Sänger Kory Clarke:

"I'm really excited about all the new songs Rick [Wartell, guitar] and Bruce [Franklin, guitar] have played me thus far and have been singing them real tough. Really enjoying the power and latitude I'm able to move in lyrically as well as melodically. This going to be classic doom! I love singing this stuff!"

Bruce Franklin: "I've written about five songs so far. One of my tests to know if the song is memorable is to not record the riffs and ideas. If I have no trouble remembering the song that I wrote, then that's a good sign. Even if a month or more passes, I should be able to remember the song in full. Of course, that's just the music."

Rick Wartell sagt: "I am extremely pleased with the new songs, and in the direction this release is taking. It has the vibe of earlier times. If I had to sum it up in one word, the word is DOOM... Having a great time writing for it."