TURMOIL suchen Sänger


TURMOIL Sänger Jon Gula hat kürzlich die Band verlassen. Nun suchen die verbleibenden Mitglieder nach einem Ersatz:

"Ok, so here are the facts of the situation, the new CD is done and has been for months. There are 13 tracks (12 originals, 1 cover), half of which have finished lyrics. Vocals, on the other hand...

"So, we are indeed looking for a new singer. We didn't spend 11 months writing and rehearsing and recording a new record just to have it get shelved and never see the light of day just because of one line-up change. We've gone back and forth over whether we should change the name of the band or not, but the bottom line is, Eulogy Recordings signed Turmoil, so Turmoil it is.

"So how are we going to go about this, you ask? We are going to be releasing one of the unfinished tracks from the CD, tentatively titled 'Papercuts' online for everyone to check out. This is going to be an open invite for people to download the song, write lyrics for the track and submit them to us along with a vocal track for consideration. Just click here to download the track or just go to our Myspace page to check it out. One thing to keep in mind, WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A TURMOIL KARAOKE SINGER!

"We are definitely interested in hearing different vocal styles, anything from Deadguy to Torche to the Bronx to the Melvins to Sheer Terror to Exodus. We are looking to expand the dynamics of the band. We've already done it musically and we'd like to do it vocally as well. Also, ideally we'd like to have someone who can write their own lyrics. The lyrics that have been written don't have to stay. If you can come up with something better, we all win. We have set up an email address that you can submit your lyrics and demos to: turmoilvocals@gmail.com. Once we pick a winner and everything is cool on both sides we look forward to hitting the road full on."

Alte Kommentare

von sirk 13.10.2008 12:26

Ohne Jon Gula kann sich die Band auch gleich auflösen!!

von Wolfi 13.10.2008 18:03

Geiler Song! Hatte die "technischer" in Erinnerung.