TWIN ATLANTIC – Tour im November


Die Briten von TWIN ATLANTIC kündigen für Ende des Jahres eine ausgedehnte Deutschland-Tour an. Anbei sind die Termine in der uebersicht zu finden.
Bereits am 9. September erscheint das neue Studioalbum "GLA" über Red Bull Records / Sony.




03.11.2016: Wiesbaden - Kesselhaus

05.11.2016: Wien (AT) - Flex

07.11.2016: München - Hansa 39

09.11.2016: Hamburg - Knust

14.11.2016: Köln - Luxor


Das Video zu der ersten Single “No Sleep“ gibt es unten zu sehen.


Singer Sam McTrusty commented: “It’s a simple video of us in our element. The textures projected behind and onto us were inspired by the album art we made for ‘GLA’. This is us. This is our music.”


‘No Sleep’ is a punk rock song led by the guttural bass and guitar riffs of McKenna and McNae climaxing with McTrusty’s roar of ‘I get no sleep” against Kneale’s driving beat and a sound wall of insomnia inducing frustration. Musically it sets out the depth and sophistication of new album ‘GLA’ in a way the group have never before delivered.


‘GLA’ tracklisting:

1. Gold Elephant::Cherry Alligator

2. No Sleep

3. You Are The Devil

4. Overthinking

5. Ex El

6. Valhalla

7. I Am Alive

8. Whispers

9. A Scar To Hide

10. Missing Link

11. The Chaser

12. Mothertongue