The Silence After - Dokumentation über die letzten Tage des CBGBS


Bei YouTube kann man sich eine interessante Dokumentation über die letzten Monate des CBGBS in New York anschauen, dass ja bekanntermaßen nicht mehr existent ist, trotz zahlreicher Benefiz-Konzerte solcher Größen wie den Band Brains und Gorilla Biscuits. Nachfolgend ein Statement des ausführenden Produzenten UN:ART:IG:

"Before CBGB’s doors finally closed for good on October 15th 2006 a number of farewell shows graced the legendary club for a very last time. Dinosaurs mankind had believed to be extinct found their way back home from Jurassic Punk, onto a stage they hadn’t set foot on in ages. Some of these performances were sensational, others outrageously pathetic and insulting. No matter what category one might file them under, they all had one thing in common. A sold out madhouse atmosphere with a distinct vibe of nostalgia and last supper feasting. Talk about a good time… "THE SILENCE AFTER" presents the highs and lows of these unforgettable moments."