Tom Delonge zur Auflösung von Blink 182


Im aktuellen Kerrang Magazines hat sich Tom Delonge zu der Auflösung von BLINK 182 geäußert. Offensichtlich sind BLINK 182 an den Aktivitäten der einzelnen Mitglieder außerhalb der Band angefangen mit der Gründung von BOXCAR RACER gescheitert:

"Mark took it extremely hard. I had no intention to ever make Box Car a priority over Blink, but it really hurt him. [...] I didn't understand. Travis and I couldn't talk to Mark anymore - we weren't the friends we were. The other thing was I was getting so much shit from Mark about Box Car, but then when we were on that last tour, Mark and Travis had already put together PLUS-44. I didn't even know about it until it got printed in a magazine."

Delonge hatte auch etwas zu Drummer Travis Barker und seine Reality Show, "Meet the Barkers" zu sagen:
"It was something I didn't agree with, but I supported him, even though I didn't like having TV cameras around me and I felt that my personal privacy was invaded."

Zum Break-Up sagte er weiterhin:
"Please understand that the break-up, or hiatus, or whatever you want to call it, was never an agenda of mine. I never wanted it to happen. It was a very depressing thing for me. We did a huge amount of talking and that's why I haven't spoken to them since because I said everything I needed to say to them."

Im November wird es eine Greatest Hits von BLINK 182 geben.