Travis Barker - am Arm verletzt


Travis Barker (+44) gibt ein Statement über seine Arm-Verletzung. Er hat Folgendes zu sagen:

„So as of now I wont be playing on saturday with am or any of the upcoming +44 shows. I had the worst pain in my arm the day after we filmed our video and I really thought nothing of it. We played for 8 hrs like I usually do but I guess this time was different. I then played our entire european leg of our promo tour in the worst pain I've experienced ever. I got x-rays in london by an urgent care doctor that said he couldnt determine what exactly had happened.

When I got back to Los Angeles I saw another doctor and had every test possible to see what was going on in my arm. The MRI/X-ray showed I'd been playing with a broken arm for 3 weeks and or possible tumor in my arm. I'm at a loss of words, just taking everything one day at a time. I've been told to eat meat and change my diet (I've been vegetarian for 16 years) cause its making my bones weak. I never thought I'd break a bone from playing my drums too hard/ too long...everything happens for a reason. I'm gonna spend the next 6 weeks with my babies and producing....see you @ a show soon.

Ps- I'm attempting to learn the set with one arm for +44 shows so don't count me out yet....I try for the first time tonight:).“

Na dann… gute Besserung!