UNDEROATH - Blog zum neuen Album


UNDEROATH haben folgenden Blog zu ihrem anstehenden Studioaufenthalt online gestellt:

"So we're less than a month away from going into the studio! It feels just like it was yesterday when we recorded Define the Great Line. I'm having a lot of fun writing this record. It's one of our heaviest things we've ever done, and at the same time really experimental. A few months ago I felt like this record would be the least we've changed in a while. It seemed that for the first time we were going into a record we hadn't been dissatisfied with our previous effort, and therein had no predisposition toward alienating ourselves from it. I look back at Define the Great Line and wouldn't change a thing artistically, and although I feel a sense of achievement to have finally made a piece of art that I wouldn't have changed years later, it also opens up new pressures of matching or exceeding what has already been done. I think our new record is going to be less of a attempt to disassociate the 24 year old men we are now from the 22 year old men we once were, but rather embracing what creativity we have and expanding on it with new influences and new experiences. I'm super pumped to see Matt's new studio, and to work with Adam and Matt again. It will be a really fun experience."