UNDEROATH über \"Define the Great Line\" und Major Label


UNDEROATH haben sich kürzlich in einem Interview darüber geäußert warum sie beim Indie Label Tooth and Nail blieben obwohl sie nach dem Erfolg von "They're Only Chasing Safety" von Major-Label umworben wurden.

Die Band hatte folgendes zu sagen:

"Major labels, I think, as a whole, don't really get it a lot of times," [...] "They don't understand how bands like us work. They understand how Madonna works and how 50 Cent can sell 8 million records. But they don't get heavy bands. We don't really agree with a lot of the business practices major labels employ sometimes. We weren't feeling what they wanted us to do. But we got a lot of free dinners out of it. We told our manager to set up meetings with whoever asked, because we like free food. Free dinners are always a good thing."

Der neue Longplayer "Define the Great Line" erscheint am 20. Juni 2006 via Solid State/Tooth and Nail:

"We've tried things we'd never tried before, and it's just going to be completely different. This album's way heavier, with more energy to it. It's more technical musically — it's not a bunch of verse/chorus songs."

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von gfd 01.05.2006 03:26

richtige entscheidung... kann man nachvollziehen

von freddy 01.05.2006 09:24

stimm ich dir komplett zu..