UNEARTH - Nehmen neues Album auf


UNEARTH sind dabei, den Nachfolger von "III: In the Eyes of Fire" einzuspielen. Lest diesbezüglich die offizielle Pressemeldung:

Influential metal quintet Unearth has begun work on its new album. The follow up to the band's acclaimed 2006 release III: In the Eyes of Fire is scheduled to drop this October via Metal Blade Records.

Unearth is currently recording at Massachusett's System Recording Studios with producer Adam Dutkiewicz, while the album's drum tracks are being laid to tape by drummer Derek Kerswill (Kingdom of Sorrow, Seemless) at Zing Studios. The as-yet-untitled record is said to feature the band's "most dynamic material to date," combining strong tension and release, abundant guitar solos and a bulldozing power-groove.

"Heavy metal shred mayhem! Now with 50% more guitar solos! If the new Unearth songs were laundry detergent, then this is what it would say on the box," dishes Unearth lead guitarist Buz McGrath. "Fortunately for all you metal maniacs, it's not laundry soap but a mind-blowing journey consisting of epic mosh and shred, so we had to call in the one man who could wrangle such a massive beast - Adam Dutkiewicz. We are very excited to be working with him again and between 40 oz. chugging and doing burn-outs in Ken's '82 Corvette, we are recording what will definitely be the best album of our career."

Alte Kommentare

von oO 18.06.2008 12:42

Na endlich.

von tobe 18.06.2008 16:17

"between 40 oz. chugging and doing burn-outs in Ken's '82 Corvette" hahaha, zu genial hahaha denen trau ich nämlcih durchaus zu dass die sowas durchziehn....

von Chilli 18.06.2008 16:44

hoffentlich ist der gesang nicht wieder so scheiße wie auf III