UNEARTH über die Aufnahmen zum neuen Album



UNEARTH werden sich kommende Woche ins Studio X in Seattle begeben um gemeinsam mit Terry Date (SOUNDGARDEN, DEFTONES, PANTERA) das nächste Album für Metal Blade aufzunehmen. Hier ein Kommentar vom Frontmann Trevor Phipps:

"If anyone were to tell me (when I was a kid) that my band was going to be doing a record with the guy that produced most of the Pantera, Deftones and Soundgarden records one day; I would have told them they were crazy. Working with Terry Date is another of the amazing accomplishments for us on a growing list of accomplishments. We have toured with Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Slayer and with Vinnie and Dime. We have toured much of the world and we have shared the stage with all of the current heavy music leaders on all of the big modern day tours; and now, we are working with the leader of heavy music's producer and engineer, Terry Date. Unearth will forever sound like Unearth and we know Terry has an knack for bringing out the best qualities and sounds in the bands he works with and we could not be more stoked to work with him. There is no question that this next record will be our best to date."