Die Burlingtoner Jungs von UNRESTRAINED haben in Kürze zwei neue Veröffentlichungen anstehen.

"we've got two upcoming releases I figured I'd let everyone know about.

we're releasing a split 7" with I REFUSE from ottawa (www. myspace. com/irefusehc) on SEASICK records. we'll have 50 test presses with us on our tour that starts next week, and we're looking at an official release of early april.

we're also releasing a CD version of the 7" plus, two additional songs as a split with lexington, ky's DEAD ICONS, that will be out on CROSSFACE records sometime in early june.

you can listen to "world breaker" which will be on both releases on our
page. we'll keep you updated, and hopefully we'll see you soon.


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von mikefize 22.06.2010 19:39

Die Jungs haben ihre erste Full Length komplett in Eigenregie aufgenommen und werden sie auch ohne großartige Werbung vertreiben und verkaufen, Sänger Ryan dazu: Hey everyone! get the NEW UNRESTRAINED ALBUM THIS WEEKEND! So we're putting out our first full length! It's S/T 9 songs! Instead of waiting to see us to buy it you could have the songs this weekend! Paypal 10 USD to Rkrushenick@gmail.com, include your full name and email address, and we will email you the songs this weekend! Than when you come see us you can pick up your cd! If you aren't going to see us but want the songs email Rkrushenick@gmail.com! If you are in the USA, include shipping (email me first and we'll figure it out)!! If you're in central america/asia/anywhere else crazy/areas of europe we aren't going email us and we can figure something out, either just for the songs or with shipping (shipping will be a lot) We won't be able to ship anything until we get home!! Either way if you paypal us $10, you'll get all the songs, all 9, learn the words and come sing along in Europe please. -Unrestrained Wem die Songs auf Myspace gefallen sollte die Jungs unterstützen. Live auch eine Wucht.

von mikefize 22.06.2010 19:41

Ach ja, myspace Link im Artikel funktioniert nicht, muss heißen: www.myspace.com/unrestrainedvt