UNTIL THE END - Kommen wieder


UNTIL THE END planen für Juni eine Reunion Show. Sänger Mean Pete sagt dazu:

"I've always been opposed to bands doing reunion shows but this is for a good cause and in my time with RN and Bishop over the last 5 years of touring, all the heckling and bullshit, we're doing this. All the members performing are straight edge and this is not negotiable. That may not seem like something important for most people, but in this day and age of sellouts and band wagon jumpers, it's important to the integrity of UTE, straight edge, and hardcore as a whole. We are doing material from the s/t EP and 'Blood In The Ink' only because we feel it is the best representation of the true spirit of UTE.

"UTE will be doing a show on June 20th, 2009 in Tampa @ Transitions. We set up a new Myspace cuz the other is run by an unknown person and we need to get shit done here. Maybe we'll do shows, maybe we won't. Maybe we'll write a record, maybe we won't. Maybe we'll go to karaoke bars and sing Madonna songs with goth kids, maybe we won't. Either way, come help out a good cause on June 20th, more bands will be announced soon, and add the new Myspace."