USELESS ID - Re-Release von "The Lost Broken Bones"


USELESS ID verkünden das Re-Release ihres 2008er Albums "The Lost Broken Bones". Die Platte war damals über diverse Label erschienen und dementsprechend schwer zu finden - nun veröffentlicht Fat Wreck das Album inklusive sieben Bonustracks neu. Die Songs wurde in den The Blasting Room zusammen mit  Bill Stevenson und Jason Livermore aufgenommen und waren das bereits sechste Album der Poppunkband aus Israel.


Ishay Berger von USELESS ID zum Release und den Plänen der Band:

"After releasing our final album for Kung Fu Records in 2005, we had our strongest album ready to go but had a hard time finding a label to put it out internationally. And so we ended up releasing The Lost Broken Bones on no less than 5 different record labels, with a pretty much different label for each territory. Some years passed and it became quite hard to get a copy of the album (a good lesson in quality vs. quantity) and so we cannot be more excited to announce that our amazing friends at Fat Wreck Chords will be re-releasing our 2008 album, with plenty of bonus tracks that did not appear on the original release. We are currently working on a new album and going to Japan with Gorilla Biscuits this September! Then, we have another great tour in Europe booked which we’ll announce soon!"


Trackliste "The Lost Broken Bones" (Rerelease):


1:  Isolate Me    
2:  Killing a Ghost    
3:  Mouse in a Maze    
4:  Undecided    
5:  Blood Pressure    
6:  Shallow End    
7:  Night Stalker    
8:  Always the Same    
9:  Misconception    
10:  Already Dead    
11:  Give It Up    
12:  One Way Down    
13:  What Are the Odds? *    
14:  Dissolve *    
15:  Fading Out *    
16:  X on Revolution *    
17:  My Alter Ego *    
18:  Snow Time *    
19:  Unpopular Again *

* = Bonustrack