VADER - Album ist fertig


VADER werden ihr neues Album "Necropolis" im August über Nuclear Blast Records veröffentlichen. Das Album wurde in den Hertz Studios in Bialystok, Polen, aufgenommen und von Tue Madsen in den Antfarm Studios in Dänemark gemixt.

Dazu Bandchef Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek: "Monday, May 18 is the day when the new album, 'Necropolis', was finished!!! The last act of the process was a flight to Aarhus in Denmark and my visit at AntFarm Studio. During next two days me and Tue were working on the character of new record and some details in the mix. Next days are Tue Madsen's solitary work in silence of his studio. The result is tremendous!!! New songs sound powerful and still mysterious. The cover art (created by Jacek Wisniewski, who created the art for previous VADER albums 'Black To The Blind', 'Revelations' and 'The Beast') being so much different than previous works is so magical as well. The whole graphics fulfill the music on the album.

"It will contain 11 songs, 33 minutes and 33 seconds of real breath of chaos. There are two bonus tracks on special edition, which are classics in metal, also big part of HQ footage from VADER charity show in Krakow, which was our help for Covan (DECAPITATED singer Adrian Kowanek, who was seriously injured on November 2, 2007 in a Russian road collision) and his recovery after serious car accident."

"Necropolis" enthält folgende Tracks:
01. Devilized
02. Rise Of The Undead (demo stream)
03. Never Say My Name
04. Dark Heart
05. Blast
06. Impure (demo stream)
07. We Are Horde
08. Anger
09. When The Sun Drowns In Dark
10. The Sigil
11. Dei Nostri
12. Summoning The Futura