VANMAKT - Informationen zum kommenden Album


Die schwedische Black Metal-Band VANMAKT gibt bekannt, dass ihr neues Album mit 'Ad Luciferi Regnum' betitelt sein wird. Mehr dazu von Bandchef Gorgoth:

"Well, as you might now, we have been rehearsing new songs for a forthcoming album as well as letting our new guitarist find his place in the VANMAKT camp. We are really looking forward to record a new album since we now have a lineup that is strong and honest as well as we now know how VANMAKT wants to sound.

"So here's a little info regarding the next album. More info regarding the release will come when it is settled.

"14 new songs have been written and pre-recorded, but only three with vocals at the moment. Here's some working titles, we will decide 8-9 songs to record for the album that will be entitled 'Ad Luciferi Regnum', which means, in a rough translation, 'To the Kingdom of Lucifer'.

01. The Second Key *
02. Brethren Of Lucifer *
03. Gathering Beneath The Moor *
04. Id XIII Inferni
05. Re-Incarnating Hatred
06. Jesus & The Harlot
07. The Ascension *
08. A Funeral Written In Blood *
09. Ad Luciferi Regnum *
10. Celestial Mist
11. Ondskapt
12. Euphoric Delusions
13. Endless Myth, Infectious Halo
14. Satan

"The new songs are faster, since we enjoy to play fast music. They're even more melodic, but at the same time more brutal and rough. You will hear for yourselves soon enough. Now we have to rehearse and see which songs that sounds the best together and if we have to do any changes, but the songs with * [have] already [been] chosen for the new album and will undergo a strict listening session with all the members so that we can decide if everything is as we want it to be.

"That's it for now, be sure to listen to our promo-recording of 'Brethren Of Lucifer' which you can find at our MySpace page."