VIKING SKULL - Original Gitarrist kommt zurück


VIKING SKULL wurde durch die Rückkehr des Originalgitarristen Frank Regan komplettiert. Die Band schreibt neue Songs und schreibt auf Myspace:

"[VIKING SKULL] are hard at work writing the next album at the moment, due to be released later in the year and it's shaping up to be the best yet. Going back to the roots on this record — balls-out, meat-and-potatoes riffs (as always), but having the humour of [2003's] 'Chapter One' and [2005's] 'Born in Hell'."

VIKING SKULL besteht aus diesem lineup:

Roddy Stone - Vocals
Jess Margera - Drums
Kevin "Waldie" James - Bass
Dom Wallace - Guitar
Frank Regan - Guitar