VOLBEAT - Studioaufenthalt Ende März


Die Dänen VOLBEAT werden sich am 31. März in das Jacob Hansen Studio begeben, um ein neues Album, dass im Sommer über Holland's Mascot Records erscheinen wird, aufzunehmen. Dazu Frontmann Michael Poulsen:

"We are really looking forward to enter the studio again and work with producer Jacob Hansen. We have 14 new songs, one is a cover song from SOCIAL DISTORTION which will be on the Danish limited version. There will be other surprises on the CD, which we will reveal later. Many of the songs are linked together in a kind of concept, which also ties to the album title, but more about that later. We have worked very hard and [stayed] focused to find the right 14 tracks out of 28 songs. The CD will be released early September 2008."