WALLS OF JERICHO - Tourabsage auf Druck von Trustkill


WALLS OF JERICHO haben ihre anstehende US-Tour mit NAPALM DEATH und DEVILDRIVER abgesagt. Die Entscheidung traf allerdings nicht die Band, sondern ihr Label Trustkill Records. Trustkill möchte, dass die Band die Arbeiten am neuen Album abschließt. Eine Tour könnte den Albumreleasetermin, der für den Herbst avisiert war, nach hinten verschieben lassen.

Dazu die Band:
"We can honestly say that it is a huge disappointment on our end. This has been a tour that we have been extremely excited about and looking forward to for several months and to back out was very tough for us. However our label (Trustkill Records) has decided to pull tour support funding for this tour as they feel finishing our next record is the number one priority. Our management and label both feel that we need to be writing our new record in preparation for a spring recording and with this tour we just don't have enough time to accomplish all things. With that said the decision has been handed down and we are forced to cancel. However, this will ensure a summer/late summer release for our new as yet untitled full-length record which we have been working very hard on as of late and should turn out to be nothing short of incredible. The extra time devoted to this record is going to pay off big time and we should be able to come out with a record we can truely be proud of and excited about. We would like to apologize to all the bands on this tour for pulling out so late and we would like to also apologize to all the people who were looking forward to seeing us in the next few weeks."

Alte Kommentare

von agwh 24.02.2008 11:15

trustkill is einfach ein scheiss label.

von ...geworden 24.02.2008 15:15


von FKK 24.02.2008 15:21

1. Wer sein Zeichen bei Trustkill (schon allein die Bedeutung "Trustkill" spricht Bände...) unter den Vertrag setzt, ist selber schuld 2. Wie können NAPALM DEATH mit solchen Luschen zusammen auf Tour?? Ist ein Glück verhindert worden 3. also: Danke Trustkill!!

von HEADSHOT! 24.02.2008 19:17

Luschen?! :D Die alte reisst dir den arsch auf haha..

von FKK 24.02.2008 19:18

Wenn der Kopf abgeschraubt wird, dann ist es ja ok...ist nur ein Spaß!!