WALLS OF JERICHO - \"With Devils Among Us\" Tracklist


Trustkill Act WALLS OF JERICHO haben einige Details zum anstehenden Album "With Devils Among Us" bekanntgegeben. Das Album erscheint am 22. August.

Gitarrist Mike Hasty hat folgendes zum neuen Album zu sagen:

"The most varied music we've ever written, it's a lot more anthemic whereas our older material was more about aggression than composition."

Hier die Tracklist:
1. A Trigger Full Of Promises
2. I Know Hollywood And You Ain't It
3. And Hope To Die
4. Plastic
5. Try Fail Repeat
6. The Haunted
7. And The Dead Walk Again
8. Another Day, Another Idiot
9. No Saving Me
10. Welcome Home
11. With Devils Amongst Us All