Die Gerüchte haben sich also bestätigt und WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH haben einen neuen Mann am Mic. Hier das Statement der Band:

"hey everybody,

we have some important news for you:

we have a new man on vocal duties. his name is nico and some of you may know him from his other band the ocean, we are on tour with recently and where he is fronting us already. so...a few of you just had or still have the pleasure to see the new unit live.

nico is a full-time member of WFAHM from now on...and we are happy to have a singer with commitment and idealism in our rows. he also knows, what this band is about and what it is not about, and guess what: it's important for us, because we actually have something to say. we will continue with all scheduled activities and can focus on what we love the most: touring, writing songs, recording...

we started writing new songs already and dudes and dudettes...expect some rough shit! the new stuff is fucking relentless and nico's vocals fit perfectly. the whole process feels like a rebirth so far and that's a good feeling. this is the beginning of a stronger era and we can't wait to set things straight.


Alte Kommentare

von Jaysus 21.11.2007 12:30

Was war mit dem alten Sänger ?

von 1111 21.11.2007 13:01

der ist aufgrund seines studiums ausgestiegen, dass hat für ihn vorrang. so zumindest die offizielle meldung.

von jonas 21.11.2007 13:37

und was passiert jetzt mit the ocean?

von pimmelpogo 21.11.2007 14:33

da bleibt alles wie es ist...die sind ja auf auf jeder position mehrfach besetzt...

von torben | allschools 21.11.2007 16:19

besonders ärgerlich, da ich sie immer verpasst hab..

von tomtom 04.12.2007 15:57

der neue ist jedenfalls nicht so gut wie der alte... :(